Korean Proverbs, Idioms & Slang

Continuing with the Korean theme in preparation for our September trip to Seoul, we have compiled a list of endearing proverbs, popular words and idioms below. Which one is your favorite?     Korean Word: 귀여운 (guiyuhwoon) Translation: Cute Usage: The term “cute” is a very useful word to know when visiting South Korea, as you will find yourself using it a lot to describe the … Continue reading Korean Proverbs, Idioms & Slang

Guest Interview: Alex Nems on Seoul, Korea

Colibri Boston had the unique opportunity to interview Alex Nems, whose blog won the Korean Observer Best Blog Award. She was kind enough to answer all our questions and provide insight into her current home, Korea—a country Colibri Boston will visit in September along with a group of delegates from AAIDD. Check out her blog here: http://swiatodpodszewki.blogspot.com/ Aleksandra (Alex) Nems was raised in industrial southern … Continue reading Guest Interview: Alex Nems on Seoul, Korea