6 Unique Places To Eat in Spain

Spain – a country where food is treated with special respect. Here were born and scattered around the world recipes of hundreds of delicious dishes and delicacies. Dans le Noir One of the most unusual restaurants in Barcelona. Why? Because you will eat your dinner in pitch darkness. Unlike other establishments, this restaurant is completely devoid of fuss and calls for sensual experience that awakens … Continue reading 6 Unique Places To Eat in Spain

Do’s & Don’t’s of Iceland

Iceland is a highly unique country that is both the bridge between the continents of Europe and North America and also a nearly totally isolated island. Because of this, Iceland is able to maintain its own distinct culture while still being connected globally. This large island has an unusually small population—sheep outnumber the people, who fall just short of 335,000—which makes Iceland full of resilient … Continue reading Do’s & Don’t’s of Iceland

Poland as Our Classroom: Study Tour with UMass Boston

Comparative Study Tour: Focus on Inclusive Policies, Practices, and Education Reforms in Poland Lublin, Kraków and Warsaw, Poland Follow my blog with Bloglovin Colibri Boston, in collaboration with University of Massachusetts Boston and John Paul II University in Lublin, Poland is pleased to announce the following faculty-led trip for study abroad. Dates: March 12-20, 2016.   Program Highlights Participate in a comparative professional issues seminar with students and faculty … Continue reading Poland as Our Classroom: Study Tour with UMass Boston

10 Things to Buy When Visiting Japan

When traveling abroad, do you ever get the feeling all souvenirs come from the same source and can easily be purchased in the U.S. or online? Follow my blog with Bloglovin That surely isn’t the case in Japan. Known for their sleek design and detail, Japanese high quality products are much easier to find in Japan. And to give Japan a real celebrity endorsement, it … Continue reading 10 Things to Buy When Visiting Japan

Korean Proverbs, Idioms & Slang

Continuing with the Korean theme in preparation for our September trip to Seoul, we have compiled a list of endearing proverbs, popular words and idioms below. Which one is your favorite?     Korean Word: 귀여운 (guiyuhwoon) Translation: Cute Usage: The term “cute” is a very useful word to know when visiting South Korea, as you will find yourself using it a lot to describe the … Continue reading Korean Proverbs, Idioms & Slang