6 Unique Places To Eat in Spain

Spain – a country where food is treated with special respect. Here were born and scattered around the world recipes of hundreds of delicious dishes and delicacies.

Dans le Noir One of the most unusual restaurants in Barcelona. Why? Because you will eat your dinner in pitch darkness. Unlike other establishments, this restaurant is completely devoid of fuss and calls for sensual experience that awakens the inner sensations of smells and atmosphere. Interesting fact that waiters who are working in this restaurant have poor eyesight or they are completely blind.  At the entrance, guests are introduced to the concept of the institution, offer a choice of one of three “menu-surprises” and escorted to the table. During the whole dinner it is forbidden to use telephones and lighters. At the end of the meal, the lights turn on and reveal to the guests the secret of what they were eating. Only 10% of visitors guess what kind of food was on the plates and what kind of wine was in the glasses.


Maybe you would like to visit something unique? What about the oldest restaurant in Barcelona, which keeps the tradition of cooking national dishes? Yes! The name of the restaurant is Can Culleretes, which was opened in 1786 and is the oldest in the city. Open from 1 pm to 1 am, without a break. Here you can taste the real Catalan cuisine with its unique paella. The general hall of the restaurant is unusual and full of history, as well as its private halls.


Now we are moving to Madrid. “Oh, if there was always summer,” many people think, especially when they find themselves in this place.

What do you think about the restaurant whose name translates as “If”?  On one of the busiest streets of the La Latina Cava Baja district, there is the eponymous “secret” restaurant. Regular customers call it simply: “Beach”. After 10 years of existence, the Ojalá restaurant has completely updated the interior and menu, but something has not changed: there is a secret beach on the lower floor. There is no pond or pool, but it is full of sand scattered across the ground floor. The Relax sign calls for you to disconnect from the city bustle and think about the places that have nothing to do with the urban asphalt.


Maybe after sunny days and hot weather you would prefer something cold? Here we go! The Ice bar Madrid is not just a resting place, it is a unique concept consisting of a shop, an exhibition hall with an area of 400 m2 and a room of 70 m2 in which the bar itself is open. Here a large number of exclusive products related to the world of ice is available for guests. In addition, in the bar you can enjoy the unique show “Northern Lights”, in which everyone is invited to see one of the most bizarre, unique and most fascinating natural phenomena.


Bilbao is a place where everything tastes like the most delicious food in the world.

As an example, we would like to suggest you go to the cozy restaurant Cum Laude Café Bilbao. It is one of the most favorite places for locals and tourists. A small partition separates the small hall of the restaurant from the kitchen, so guests can watch the chefs prepare the ordered dishes. In the mornings, Cum Laude Café Bilbao always has a lot of visitors and is attracted by the aroma of fresh French bread and coffee. The restaurant offers its guests to try the best dishes of Spanish cuisine. Notable is that all traditional dishes are prepared by local chefs according to special author’s recipes, so they are very original and tasty.


Do you want to go to the stylish place in Bilbao? Among the prestigious restaurants, Beltz The Black is notable, which is distinguished not only by a rich selection of national dishes, but also by the stylish design of the hall. Its interior is made in white, green and brown, even guests are served dishes on these colors’ plates. In addition to traditional dishes on the menu, visitors can find a lot of copyright treats, many of which are quite exotic.