Thanksgiving Program 2018

Our Thanksgiving program has officially started!

Students have arrived from Church Farm School, Fork Union Military Academy, Hebron Academy, Marvelwood, Brehm, Philips Andover, Pomfret, New Hampton School, West Nottingham Academy, The Storms King School, Westover, Concord, St. Timothy’s School, The Hotchkiss School and Cheshire Academy. 

In the next couple of days we will be welcoming more students from Kent School and Thornton Academy. 

Our program is loaded with fun activities! All activities are complimentary with the booking but not mandatory. Students sign up every evening for events offered the next day, or opt to manage their time independently!

Why students love our program?

  • Students deserve a good rest during holidays and we run our camps keeping that in mind. Our fully equipped kitchen is a favorite among students who want to cook for their friends.
  • We are in the middle of a big, yet a very walkable city with an excellent subway system.
  • No wake up calls in the morning!
  • Many fun activities to choose from. Students decide if they want to participate or would rather stay in or do something on their own.
  • Students can enjoy their native food. Within walking distance, there are about 200 restaurants and cafes: Chinatown features restaurants from every region in China, famous Vietnamese Pho; German and Korean restaurants; countless Mexican taquerias; and the North End neighborhood famous for its Italian food and best American pizza. A few restaurant dinners are included in the daily package!
  • Live Celtics Game. If the Celtics are playing, we are going to the game.

All our students have the opportunity to participate in complimentary homework support, ESL and TOEFL prep or SAT prep lead by experienced Harvard and MIT students. Study hours are optional and students can but don’t have to participate.

Thanksgiving 2018