Where International Students Go For Thanksgiving?

Colibri Boston provides fun, supervised stays in the heart of downtown Boston during holiday breaks when boarding school dorms are closed. 

Reasons our Thanksgiving camp is perfect:

1.   Location: Students stay in the middle of Boston with access to historic sites and world’s top universities. We take students to visit Harvard (and other nearby schools like Boston University, Northeastern, MIT, and more). Thanksgivingpic3

2.   Safety: Camp leaders are college educated and experienced in working with students (mostly Harvard/MIT/BU grad students). We provide 24hs supervision. 

3.   Fun events in the City: We visit the Museum of Fine Arts, we go to Celtics Basketball game, we attend the New England Aquarium, and much more!

4.   Price: $155/day + $250 registration fee – this is the LOWEST price for a Thanksgiving camp in the Boston area! It includes, accommodation, meals, campus pick up, activities, tickets to all schedule events and movie theatres, free tutoring upon requests, , campus tours and much more!

5.   Convenience: Door to door pick up option for schools providing groups of 4 students, and flexible dates to match your school’s schedule! Plus, students make friends from other boarding schools in different states, from Maine to New York and even Illinois!

6.   SAT Tutoring: We have students from Harvard and MIT who will be giving SAT lessons to those students interested in improving their SAT scores during our camp!

7.   Food: We have amazing food each day including: Hot pot, Flaming grill, Vietnamese Pho Pasteur, African Cuisine and Middle Eastern food, and much more! We also provide our students with a Traditional Thanksgiving dinner: Oven-roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy are served to give you that cozy, family-style American holiday feeling. Plus, we have a kitchen area with unlimited snacks.

Food photoshop

Did you know?

Last year we welcomed 82 students from 20 schools: Thornton Academy, Fay School, Walnut Hill School for the Arts, Kent School, Hun School of Princeton, Cheshire Academy, Woodlands Academy, MCI, St.Andrew’s School, MacDuffie School, Marianapolis, St. Mark  and others. 

Contact us for more information: contact@colibriboston.org and check out our Thanksgiving blog post from last year!