Thanksgiving Camp 2017 in Boston

We are nearing the end of our Colibri Thanksgiving Camp and today we’ll be saying goodbye to many of our students.

This year we had students representing over ten countries, including China, Japan, Vietnam, Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Russia, Israel, Taiwan and Thailand. Being at the heart of downtown Boston, our students were able to enjoy a wide array of international markets, restaurants and entertainment.

Highlights of the week, aside from getting to sleep in every day, were:

Watching the Celtics basketball game.

Dining to a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

Attending the New England Aquarium and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Additionally, a few of our students are big movie and theatre fans. To their luck we had a photo contest this year! The winner’s prize: attending the Broadway show Color Purple at Shubert Theatre in Boston.

We also had an unusual week of warm weather; students comfortably took part of several walking tours to MIT, Harvard, as well as the Freedom Trail.

In keeping with Thanksgiving tradition, we had amazing food each day including: Hot pot, Flaming grill, Vietnamese Pho Pasteur, African Cuisine and Middle Eastern food from the recently opened Halal Guys.

We hope all the students enjoyed the week as much as we did! Many of the students that attended this year had attended our Thanksgiving Camp in previous years. So, we hope to see familiar faces for Thanksgiving next year as well!

Thank you to parents, students and school campuses for choosing Colibri Boston!

Our students enjoy access to a study room , an entertainment area with TV, bowling and games. and kitchen area with unlimited snacks.

Students at various events throughout the week.