Thanksgiving Camp 2016

Today we say goodbye to the last of our Thanksgiving Break Program students as they travel by car, bus, and plane back to their boarding schools. We are thankful to have had so many wonderful international students joining us this year.

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The most popular activity was the Museum of Fine Arts, followed by college visits to Harvard, MIT, and Boston University. We also tried two different buffet dinners and filled our hearts with new friendships.

One student remarked,

“the best part of the Camp is unlimited snacks!”

while another was impressed with the homework help from our camp counselors who are students at Harvard University, Boston University and Berklee College of Music.

You can see the video of our last Thanksgiving Break Program here!

Some Highlights:

52 students!

10 boarding schools, including Avon Old Farms School, Brehm Prep, Cheshire Academy, Kent School, MacDuffie School, Marianapolis Prep, Northfield Mount Hermon, Pomfret School, Thornton Academy, and West Nottingham Academy.

10 countries, including China, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam.

Thanks to all the students, parents and schools for choosing Colibri Boston as the best option for Thanksgiving!

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