Three Writers: Spring Break Trip to London (March 2016)

Following Three Writers is an educational trip to England for middle school and high school students focused on British literature, theater and three of the most famous English writers: William Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Few countries can lay claim to as many great writers as England, home to some of history’s most renowned scribes. Strolling around the capital, we will look for the places where famous writers have lived and worked throughout history. From London theaters and museums to metro stations and charming Victorian streets, we will explore one of the most fascinating cities in the world. We will also take several day trips to Stonehenge, Cambridge, and Oxford to enjoy British cuisine, culture and entertainment.

London_Big_Ben_Phone_box      Oxford_Street_December_2006


Day 1: Arrive in London

Check- in, orientation and dinner

Day 2: Sightseeing in London

We will start the day with a walk along South Bank, follow the Thames from the London Eye along to Tower Bridge and pass some of London’s most famous buildings, like the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe, and Tate Modern Art Gallery.

To get a view of the city from above, we will climb to the top of the Monument and the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, and stand on a viewing platform at the top of London’s new tallest building, the Shard.

And the trip wouldn’t be complete without a short stop at Buckingham Palace.

Tower of London  London tower

Day 3: Shakespeare

Visit to Stratford-upon-Avon and Shakespeare’s Homes, a perfect introduction to Shakespeare’s life, work and times:

  • Mary Arden’s farm with all the sights, smells and sounds of a real Tudor farm
  • Home and gardens of Ann Hathaway (Shakespeare’s wife)

Day 4: Stratford-upon-Avon

Royal Shakespeare Company –sightseeing and theater related workshops

Our group will take part in a range of activities throughout the morning including practical workshops, tours of the building, visits to Shakespeare’s classroom, writing and adaptation workshops, design sessions and make-up demonstrations.

In the afternoon, we will see the play and meet actors from the Shakespeare Royal Company.

Southwark_reconstructed_globe   William_Shakespeare_1609

Day 5: Stonehenge

One of the biggest mysteries in the world!

Even to the most casual observer, the monument is deeply significant. Those vast stones, standing in concentric, carefully placed by who-knows-who thousands of years ago, must mean something. But nobody can tell us what.

Take the big question: Was Stonehenge predominantly a temple, a parliament or a graveyard? Was it a healing ground? We don’t know for sure…

Try a simpler question: How did the bluestones, which weigh between four and eight tons apiece, arrive at the site, nearly 5,000 years ago, from 170 miles away in West Wales? Land or sea? Both alternatives explode with possibilities.


Day 6: Tour of Victorian London and Sherlock Holmes

Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the incomparable consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and his intrepid assistant Doctor John Watson made their debut in A Study in Scarlet, published in 1887 in the pages of Beeton’s Christmas Annual. Though the last canonical adventure of Holmes and Watson was published in 1927, Sherlock Holmes is still an international cultural icon. In fact, he may be more popular today than ever before thanks to TV series and Hollywood movies.

We will begin our tour by stalking down the gas-lit streets of Victorian London, and turning our magnifying glass toward the architecture that was defined by Holmes and Watson and poses something of a mystery itself: their London flat at 221B Baker Street, currently the Museum of Sherlock Holmes. Here we will learn about the life of Sir Francis Doyle and try to understand what it takes to write a timeless detective story.

Sherlock Holmes Museum London  Sherlock-Holmes1

Day 7: Cambridge and Oxford

Day 8 & 9: Harry Potter

We will start our Harry Potter adventure already in Oxford where we will visit a few sites that hosted movie scenes. Then we will travel to London to stand on the famous 9 ¾ platform at King’s Cross Station where Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry students board the Hogwarts Express to school. Finally, we will take a tour to Warner Bros. Studio.

The team behind Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter wanted to preserve and showcase these iconic props, costumes and sets so that Harry Potter fans could experience the magic of filmmaking first-hand. Many of the original cast and crew returned to reassemble the sets and record their memories from filming, and on 31st March 2012, the Studio Tour opened its doors.


Day 10

Shopping at London markets and visit to famous Harods store.

London has a wide range of markets. Some that we are planning to visit are Borough Market for food and drink, Portobello Road Market for antiques and fashion, Camden Market for vintage and alternative clothes. Oxford Street is the city’s most famous shopping street, but it’s mostly full of chain stores and big department stores. For more interesting independent shops  we will stroll down Carnaby StreetCovent Garden or the King’s Road. Also worth seeing is Harrods, though more for its completely over-the-top décor – especially at Christmas – than for actual shopping.


Day 11: Back to Boston

* The trip can be extended and tailored by adding Scotland or Ireland to current itinerary.

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