10 Things You’ll Learn During Our Thanksgiving Camp in Boston

Colibri Boston provides fun, supervised stays in the heart of downtown Boston during holiday breaks when boarding school dorms are closed. If you are an international student attending our Thanksgiving camp this year, here are a few things you will learn:

  1. Boston is the best city ever!

A world-class city with small-town feel, Boston blends quaint, historic neighborhoods and winding cobblestone streets with a booming financial district. From America’s most successful sports teams to the world’s top universities, Boston has it all.

free-cities-boston_23571_600x450  Colibri Boston Quincy Market

  1. Wake-up calls are not enforced

You can sleep in as long as you like to get much-deserved rest before returning to class.

  1. Camp counselors are just like you

This year our camp counselors are a diverse group, including a first-year Harvard student from Thailand and a Tufts student who studied abroad in Hong Kong. Read our blog post & meet our camp counselors.

  1. Traditional Thanksgiving dinner is tasty

Oven-roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy are served to give you that cozy, family-style American holiday feeling.


  1. Chinatown is just around the corner

If you prefer rice with your meals, you will surely love that our camp is just steps away from Boston’s best Chinatown restaurants.

  1. Boston’s subway system is known as “The T”

A highly convenient public transportation system, you can access all famous landmarks either by “T” or by walking. And with Colibri, you will get a free “Charlie card” pass included with your stay.

Boston Freedom Trail Colibri students    Chinatown_MBTA

  1. In Boston, “wicked” means extremely good

We have our own slang, and here in Boston words may mean the opposite of what you might think. Confusing for English-learners, but soon you will fit in with the locals!

  1. Harvard University is really, really close

Actually, Harvard is considered part of Boston even though it’s technically in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. We will take you to visit Harvard (and other nearby schools like Boston University, Northeastern, MIT, and more) if you like.

  1. You will learn to love walking

Boston is America’s most walkable city, and walking is the best way to explore it. You will notice a red line on sidewalks—this is the famous Freedom Trail which connects the historic sights of Paul Revere’s house, Faneuil Hall, John Hancock’s grave, and more.

woman-768655_1280      IMG_2007

  1. Our students come to us from all over the East Coast 

Make friends with students attending boarding schools in many different states, from Maine to New York and even Illinois!

Most importantly, our camp is so much better than flying all the way back home…and about the same cost as some plane tickets!

Check out our previous blog post about last year’s Thanksgiving camp, and this post about why you should consider joining us this year.

Are you interested in joining us this Thanksgiving? Download our brochures and registration forms below:

Colibri Boston Holiday Camps Brochure

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