Back to School Tips & Trends for International Students

The start of fall semester is just around the corner.

Whether you’re a first-time foreign student to the US or a seasoned veteran, the back-to-school jitters and excitement are a normal part of starting high school or college after summer break. To help you channel your nervous energy, we’ve compiled the latest tips & trends for international students to prepare for the first day of classes.

Back to School Walk through neighborhood

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Explore your new neighborhood

The best way to grow accustomed to a new environment is to explore it. Walk around your neighborhood, choosing a different route each time. You’ll soon have a mental inventory of which restaurants look appealing and where you can purchase items for your bedroom or dorm. Don’t forget to bring a map with you!


Embrace the change and culture shock

As the famous Roman philosopher Seneca once said “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” Enjoy this adventure while it lasts, and know that the culture shock will subside. Studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime.

Get a taste of home

Home-cooked meals never tasted better than when you’re thousands of kilometers away from home. Find a restaurant serving foods from your country or culture and enjoy the familiar flavors. Or, if you have access to a kitchen, cook your favorite meals and invite friends to share in the fun.

ethnic food spices

Send postcards to friends & family

Another way to cure homesickness is by staying in touch with the people you love most. Sure, Skype and WeChat and phone calls work too, but there’s a certain old-school charm to sending a postcard in the mail. Not only is it fun searching for the right card, but you also have a chance to share famous attractions and landmarks of your host town with family and friends back home…and maybe brag a little 😉

Postcard California


As a teenager or young adult in a foreign country, it’s always cool to sport the latest trends. Back-to-school shopping is an American tradition, so join in the festivities!

Backpack Fresheners

Backpack freshener

Pencil Pouches

Pusheen cat pencil pouch pencil pouches

Highlighter/Pen Duo

Pencil highlighter duo

Stylish Rain Boots & Combat Boots

Stylish-Womens-Rain-Boots Combat boots

Artful Notebooks

Cool artsy notebooks

Animal-Shaped Night Light

Animal nightlight fox

Plaid Shirts

plaid shirts fall trend 2015

Are you an international student in the US or another foreign country? Share your back-to-school experience below!