Where do international boarding school students go during holiday breaks?

Families and consultants abroad consider many factors when choosing an American boarding school for their children –high on the list is an attractive option to spend holidays.

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For international students coming from far-away places like China, Japan, and Vietnam, the trip back home is either too long, too expensive, or too tiring. And staying with a short-term host family can be awkward or uncomfortable.

You might wonder, “What types of programs are available during breaks?”

A range of trips, camps, and other program options are available to international students during boarding school closures, depending on the desired location. Some programs focus on college preparation, and others are packed with tourist attractions.

At Colibri, we offer optional activities centered around the culture and history of Boston, and housing accommodation in a newly renovated dorm-style student hotel in the heart of downtown Boston. We aim to find a balance between relaxation and enrichment.

Colibri Boston Newbury St Cupcakes    Colibri Boston Aquarium

Here are 5 reasons American boarding schools should partner with camp providers to offer programs during breaks when campus dorms are closed:

Reason #1: Keep those young minds active

For the same reason schools have required summer reading lists, students should keep their minds active during shorter breaks. Learning new academic material might be too much, but how about an educational experience or activity?

Reason #2: Encourage learning outside the classroom

Exploring a new city, visiting a museum, and trying new foods are all great ways for students to learn outside the classroom and develop habits for lifelong intellectual curiosity.

colibri freedom-trail  Boston

Reason #3: Don’t let their English skills get rusty

Staying in the US during breaks is the easiest way for international students to keep their English language skills fresh. It’s best to keep the momentum going so they don’t forget all of their hard-earned work learning a foreign language.

Reason #4: Socializing is healthy

Students often meet other international students from different boarding schools in their area. It helps them expand their social network in a more relaxed setting. At Cogito, we’ve seen lots of social growth among our Chinese populations especially.

cobblestones-acorn-street-boston-brian-jannsen  International Students New England fall foliage

Reason #5: Travel can be stressful

Traveling all the way back to your home country can be draining, especially when students travel alone and around the holidays when flights are more at risk for cancellation or delay. Separation anxiety often fits into the equation as well, when students see their family and friends only for a few days and then quickly prepare for departure.

Breaks are meant to refresh and rejuvenate so students are ready to go when classes start back up.

This Spring Vacation we were in need of a local program to host our international students and were thrilled to find Colibri Boston. They designed a variety of activities that enriched our students’ academic and cultural interests. Their location in the heart of Boston is ideal for providing a truly unique New England experience. Even when our plans changed at the last moment, the Colibri staff was very flexible and accommodating of our needs. – Fay School, Massachusetts

Colibri Boston provides fun, flexible and supervised stays in the heart of Boston for middle and high school boarding students. International students choose our programs so they don’t have to travel back home or rely on a temporary host family placement.

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We partner with American boarding schools to offer:

  • A safe, enriching, and affordable stay during times when campuses are closed
  • Flexible dates to match each school calendar
  • Complimentary arrival/departure shuttle services (for groups of 4+ students from New England schools); and free airport transfer for groups arriving by plane

Interested in learning more? Send us an email.